Marine Engines

Non Certified Engines to Tier 3 engines Available

A reliable engine is the most essential safety factor while working at sea. John Deere marine engines are exactly what is needed for challenging duties. They are powerful, reliable and dependable, capable to handle all the special circumstances at sea level. The favorable power to weight ratio and compact size of our marine engines are easy to install and repairs even in small engine rooms with narrow space. John Deere’s marine solution offers flexibility in terms of transmissions, ratings, instrumentation and equipment.

Marine propulsion M ratings definition

Ratings are based on the ISO 8665/SAE J1225 standard power rating and the ISO 3046/SAE J1995 crankshaft power rating. The M rating definitions are provided as a guide to help in the selection of the engine that best fits the application requirements. It is recommended to consult a John Deere marine dealer or engine distributor to verify the optimal rating for the specific application.

M rating Typical Load factor Typical annual usage Full power operation
M1 >65% Unrestricted Uninterrupted
M2 ≤65% 3000-5000 16 of each 24
M3 ≤50% 2000-4000 hr 4 of each 12 hr
M4 ≤40% 1000-3000 hr 1 of each 12 hr
M5 ≤35% 300-1000 hr 0.5 of each 8 hr

Marine Classification societies Type Approval

John Deere has chosen to type approve marine engines with five MCS:

  • ABS
  • BV
  • DNV
  • LR
  • CCS

ABS, DNV, and LR class a majority of the worlds tonnage. BV and LR are important to have in the classification of large yachts.