Diesel Engine Services

Diesel Engine Service Overhauls

We are widely appreciated in offering all types of diesel engine overhauling services to all our clients at nominal costs. All our services are massively admired by clients owing to their reliability and stress-free completion. We have an in-house facility for rendering machining of diesel engines plus trained professionals for overhauling the same. All our services are rendered within the prearranged time frame. We can assure you that with our deep technical & engineering skills, we can quickly scrutinize requirements & get down to completing the job.

I & C

We provide full installation and commissioning of DG set once it is purchased, or at the time of relocating the engine. We have in-house facility for machining of diesel engines plus qualified engineers for overhauling the same. We specialized in providing complete solutions to ensure that the installation and commissioning are done as per the laid down guidelines and cross check whether it is active or not. So stop worrying about after sales of your product you can just simply place an order with us and relax, the team behind Cornier will be happy to help you!

Maintenance contract

We offer Maintenance Contracts services to all our diesel engines. Our major effort is to create value for the client by providing supreme uptime of the equipment delivered by us. We do this by providing custom-built maintenance contracts as per the requisites of the client. The highly skilled & experienced service engineers, who can handle any type of Diesel engine set faults in an effective manner. Our experts are available at any time to guarantee your investment and your business can carry on to work without pause when you want it most.

Field Service Support

While no client needs to be faced with a problem that disrupts their service, so we bring excellent field service professionals to support you in keeping your equipment working irrespective of your location and your requirements. Whether it be overhauls, repairs, retrofits or standard inspections, we have highly qualified experts help you to get your apparatus back in service as fast as possible. Our experienced experts resolve even the most challenging support problems for our clients efficiently and effectively 365 days a year.


All John Deere products that we are distributed to our clients regardless of the places where the client purchase the products, the terms and conditions of the warranty will apply to each Product. We will assure you a peace of mind with our authorized dealership in John Deere. When you buy a John Deere engine or any other product, you’re purchasing the ability to get work done. Without downtime, without concerns, and without stresses, you’re buying the guarantee that if you do want help, a sturdy support network will be there, so be ready to step in and solve your power concerns and get the best power solutions. To get more details and to find an overview of what’s covered in your warranty, click on the below link:

Parts Support

We will provide parts, solutions, services of superior quality and value that mend the lives of the world’s customers. Our success has been accomplished through creativity, obligation and the skill to generate enthusiasm. The desires and feelings of our consumers are the managerial principles behind our every action.

Why genuine parts is important?

You can’t see the distinction, however, your engine will. There’s a reason why John Deere engines have such a robust name and top notch quality. And you'll be able to defend the standard of your John Deere engine by selecting solely genuine John Deere components for all of your maintenance requirements. Some manufacturers say they supply John Deere parts, whereas others claim their elements meet or exceed John Deere specifications. However, these imitators can’t vie with the continual enhancements of genuine John Deere parts. Even if the changes could be microscopic, the advancements build a giant distinction in holding the performance and dependability of your John Deere engines. To retain your engines running at high performance, and to guard your engine warranty, use only genuine John Deere elements. Always pick the right part to get the work done right, so opt genuine John Deere parts.

Inspection and Health Check

An engine inspection can protect you and your investment. Cornier are specialists in diesel generator set sales, repair and maintenance with a highly skillful and experienced team of trained engineers with proficiency across various disciplines and all engine types. We can check each diesel power engine health electronically with the health checkup kits to spot and proposes corrective methods to enhance the engine life and its performance. So whatever the engine, whatever your problem, we can help your engine to get a clean bill of health.